Dudu Chromium

Dudu Chromium

Dudu Chromium is a modified Chromium allowing you to easily access to dudu.com
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Chromium is a famous web browser featuring a great compatibility with the latest HTML5 and CSS3. Its main characteristics are its great speed, its lightness, and its sleek interface. Google Chrome, another web browser is based on Chromium. Dudu Chromium is very similar to the Chromium web browser but with extra features, allowing Dudu users to get a better experience on their site. The Dudu Notifier add-on is installed on this browser by default. This add-on allows you to access to dudu.com in one click by clicking on the icon of the add-on. When you get a new notification on your account, a number appears under the Dudu Notifier icon letting you know the number of unseen notifications. The home page is also changed: it is search.dudu.com, which will use google.com for each search you do. About the installation, it is very fast and will most likely only take you a few seconds. The interface of the Dudu Chromium is the same as the Chromium interface: it means it is sleek, and easy-to-use.
As a conclusion, Dudu Chromium is a must-have for Dudu users, but won't bring any extra features to all other users.

John Static
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  • Installs in a few seconds
  • A Dudu notifier allows you to instantly get informed about notifications you get on dudu
  • Sleek interface


  • Your home page is changed to http://search.dudu.com/ by default
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